This Thursday, May 12 is another Bike Night at our favorite venue, The Shops Club.   Details are pinned to the top of our Facebook page, , and while you’re there, please “like” our page!

At the Bike Night, we’ll be raising awareness of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.   Our own Peter will be taking part in this world-wide event which is May 22nd, in DFW.   For more info on the rider or to sponsor Pete, go to:

If you need a new jacket to wear for the ride, check out this new product in stock at Moto Liberty.   The only motorcycle riding jacket we know of that would look good with a tie!   The Miles Air jacket by Taichi is really super cool, in more ways than airflow.     Plenty of other shipments of NEW gear from Klim, Taichi, Rev’It.   New helmets, too.